What We Do


Emergency Services

Trees falling and causing a health & safety issue no one every wants to have happen to them. Trees Plus will respond to your urgent need with their professionalism and cleanup crew. Whether the damage is a tree falling do to age/rot or storm damage the team at Trees Plus is here to help you in your time of need.


Tree Trimming

Most homeowners are unsure of the ideal time for tree trimming in Northwest Indiana. The professionals at Trees Plus can explain the benefits of routine tree trimming and help you decide the right time to schedule this service. Whether you need crown reduction trimming or hazard trimming to remove dangerous branches or large branches greater than two inches in diameter, we are the tree company to call.


Tree Removal Services

Do you have a tree that is growing too close to your house, neighbors, or a powerline? Perhaps an insect infestation has caused too much damage and has left your tree to rot in the yard. It may be time to consider cutting these trees down. There are several reasons for tree removal, but only one place to call – Trees Plus. With over nine years of experience in tree care, we understand the risks associated with tree removal and know how to abide by safety guidelines to ensure a job well done.


Strump Removal & Grinding

When it comes to tree removal, the actual last step is stump removal. Stumps pose a tripping hazard, are unsightly, and can be difficult to mow around. To remove it, we will grind the stump four to six inches below ground level, leaving the area clear.


Lot Clearing

Whether you need your property cleared for safety concerns, have a brand-new construction project, or have fallen tree branches and limbs that need to be cleaned – contact Trees Plus. Our lot clearing service is efficient, fast, and affordable. We have tree removal specialists who focus on safety and customer satisfaction.


Snow Removal

During our winter months, we don't sit. We work hard. If we're not doing any tree work we are working on and mother nature is bring the cold white stuff we're working to help clean up your snow-covered surfaces.